3 ways to get to know Bonalive as a workplace

November 14, 202212:49

At Bonalive, we constantly search for people who share our vision, and who are passionate about imagining, innovating, and creating for the greater good. If you are interested in getting to know Bonalive as a workplace, keep on reading to explore how this can be organized.

1. Visit our factory in Turku

We are happy to invite students who are interested in learning more about our bioactive glass to our factory. We have had both biochemistry and high school student groups visit us through the years. The visit can be tailored to your interests, but normally the visit includes a round tour, presentations on research and development, glass manufacturing, and product technology. We have also taken part in so-called online excursions, where our bioactive glass and company have been presented virtually.

2. Write your thesis at Bonalive

Many bachelor’s and master’s students have already written their theses on our bioactive glass. Biotechnology, biochemistry and bioengineering are particularly interesting fields, but topics can be related to anything from manufacturing process optimization to international sales development. A few of our current employees have started working at Bonalive after writing their thesis on our bioactive glass.

3. Join us through a recruitment program

Many of our employees have started their Bonalive career through a recruitment program, offered by companies such as Saranen, ECAM and TalentGate. These companies offer specialized training programs including both on-site work and supporting educational days. This is an especially intriguing opportunity for those considering a change of industry.


Combining studies and work

We can also offer the possibility to combine studies and work. We have one employee studying for a Master’s Degree in Health Technology, for example, who is able to use some work hours for the studies and writing the thesis for Bonalive. We have several other employees utilizing Bonalive’s flexibility to enable studying while working full-time.

We want to stimulate continuous learning and improvement among our employees. This can mean anything from attending external trainings and webinars to self-study. Keeping up with the latest knowhow ensures that our people stay curious while expanding their skill sets and knowledge.


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