Bonalive putty bone substitute

Bonalive® putty is a highly moldable, easy-to-apply bone regeneration technology that naturally stimulates bone formation.

Bonalive® putty is an optimized bone graft substitute for orthopedic, trauma and spine surgery. The putty can be delivered directly to the bone defect without mixing or preparation. 

A bioactive, osteoconductive and osteostimulative* synthetic bone cavity filler, the putty is delivered as a sterile ready-to-use paste, requiring no mixing, moistening or other preparation. It consists of S53P4 bioactive glass in addition to a synthetic binder, i.e. a blend of polyethylene glycols (PEGs) and glycerol.

The putty’s radiodense quality enables post-operative evaluation, allowing surgeons to follow the healing of their patients. Unlike the granules, Bonalive® putty does not inhibit bacterial growth.

Intended use
Filling, reconstruction and regeneration of bone defects

Indications for use
Bony voids and gaps

bonalive putty bioactive glass composition applicator


Bonalive® putty is an easy to use and highly moldable biomaterial developed for demanding trauma surgery. Bonalive® putty produces a high but balanced local bone turnover through osteostimulation*. The clinical use of Bonalive® putty in trauma surgery is supported by several clinical trials that have been conducted with S53P4 bioactive glass.

Bonalive® putty is intended for use in small and medium size defects and when conducting minimal invasive surgeries we recommend Bonalive® putty MIS and for larger defects Bonalive® granules.


Medical education

Bonalive® putty has been developed to meet the demands of spine surgeons who need an easy-to-use, highly moldable biomaterial for bone regeneration. Some procedures limit the use of autograft due to restrictions on the local harvesting of bone graft. Furthermore, although autograft is the standard treatment, many cases require volume expanders.

For infected spine we recommend Bonalive® granules and for minimal invasive surgery we suggest Bonalive® putty MIS.

Medical education

Bonalive benign bone tumor surgery

Bonalive® putty is an easy-to-use and highly moldable biomaterial for treating bone defects created by benign bone tumors, including enchondromas, simple cysts and aneurysmal bone cysts. The putty dissolves slowly and remodels into bone over time. In addition, it has the ability to stimulate bone formation and restore anatomical structures, in both adult and pediatric patients.

Bonalive® putty is intended to be used in small and medium size bone defects. In larger defects we recommend Bonalive® granules.