Through Smart Healing™ we sustainably improve the anatomical and functional healing of benign bone tumor patients – supporting healthy bone formation also in a growing skeleton.

The long-term use of Bonalive® bioactive glass for treating bone defects created by benign bone tumors – including enchondromas, simple cysts and aneurysmal bone cysts – has shown that the granules dissolve slowly and the grafted area remodels into bone over time. As such, Bonalive® bioactive glass has the ability to stimulate bone formation and restore anatomical structures in both adult and pediatric patients.

By stimulating new bone formation through osteostimulation*, Bonalive® bioactive glass induces a high but balanced local bone turnover. Bioactive glass does not disturb the normal growth of bone in children, and its performance has been proven in a prospective randomized study, that involved follow-up ranging up to 14 years.

Bonalive® granules is intended for larger defects, while for small and medium size defects of up to 20 cc Bonalive® putty is recommended.


Medical education

For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions related to Bonalive® products, refer to the instructions for use on the product pages.

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