bonalive granules

Bonalive® granules is a unique bone regeneration technology that naturally inhibits bacterial growth and stimulates bone formation.

The granules are a bone cavity filler intended for the resolution of bone infections, and for use in orthopedic, trauma, spine and mastoid surgery.

Bonalive® granules naturally inhibit bacterial growth of up to 50 clinically relevant bacteria strains, providing surgeons with a 1-stage osteostimulative* technology for bone infection treatment. Available in different sizes, the granules are designed to meet the needs of various surgical procedures.

Based on S53P4 bioactive glass, Bonalive® granules consist solely of elements naturally found in the human body. The granules naturally inhibit bacterial growth in both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as Methicillin resistant bacteria, e.g. MRSA or MRSE.**

By supporting and facilitating the reconstruction of anatomical structures in the human body, the S53P4 bioactive glass gradually resorbs over time and is replaced by bone. This process can be post-operatively followed due to the granules radio-dense quality.


  • Bone cavity filling
  • Bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis
  • Mastoid cavity obliteration

bonalive granules bioactive glass composition applicator

** Leppäranta et al. 2008; Munukka et al. 2008; Drago et al. 2013; Drago et al. 2014; Coraça-Huber et al. 2014.

Bone infections are characterized by progressive infection resulting in the destruction of bone. Patients who undergo surgery for septic bone may be hospitalized for long periods of time and will often develop a resistance to antibiotics. Hence, a multidisciplinary approach is often required in terms of treatment, involving expertise in orthopedic surgery, infectious diseases and plastic surgery.

Chronic osteomyelitis

Bonalive® granules have proven effective for bone cavity filling in chronic osteomyelitis treatment. In cases where the cavitary defect allows sufficient debridement of the necrotic tissue, the granules can be used in a one-stage procedure. Simultaneously to inhibiting bacterial growth, the granules heal dead space by stimulating bone formation. This enables cost-effective healing and reduces the length of hospital stays.

Septic non-union

The combination of thorough debridement and decortication of the non-union with Bonalive® granules, can effectively resolve even the most challenging septic non-unions. The use of local antibiotics is not necessary – even in patients with extensive bone infections, making Bonalive® granules a distinctly sustainable solution for septic non-union procedures.

Bonalive trauma surgery

The clinical use of Bonalive® bioactive glass in trauma surgery is supported by a long-term randomized prospective trial, including 11-year follow-up of patients with with tibial plateau fractures. The results from the trial clearly prove that the long-term performance of Bonalive® bioactive glass is comparable to autograft.

By stimulating new bone formation through osteostimulation*, Bonalive® bioactive glass produces a high but balanced local bone turnover. The solid structure of Bonalive® bioactive glass provides a range of benefits, such as allowing the biomaterial to withstand impact to the bone defect. The bioactive glass effectively maintains its volume, and hence does not shrink or expand.

Bonalive® granules is intended for use in larger defects. In small and medium size defects of up to 20 cc, we recommend Bonalive® putty and for minimal invasive surgeries we recommend Bonalive® putty MIS.


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Bonalive spine surgery

The bacterial growth inhibiting properties of Bonalive® granules provide unique advantages for managing spine infections, such as in the revision of infected posterolateral fusions or the treatment of spondylodiscitis. The clinical use of Bonalive® granules in degenerative spine surgery and spine surgery due to trauma is supported by long-term prospective trials, including follow-up procedures ranging up to 10-years.

For an easy-to-use volume expander we recommend Bonalive® putty and for minimal invasive surgery we recommend Bonalive® putty MIS.

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Bonalive benign bone tumor surgery

The long-term use of Bonalive® bioactive glass for treating bone defects created by benign bone tumors – including enchondromas, simple cysts and aneurysmal bone cysts – have shown that the granules dissolve slowly and the grafted area remodels into bone over time. As such, Bonalive® bioactive glass has the ability to stimulate bone formation and restore anatomical structures in both adult and pediatric patients.

By stimulating new bone formation through osteostimulation*, Bonalive® bioactive glass induces a high but balanced local bone turnover. Bioactive glass does not disturb the normal growth of bone in children, and its performance has been proven in a prospective randomized study, that involved follow-up ranging up to 14 years.

Bonalive® granules is intended for larger defects and for small and medium size defects of up to 20 cc we recommend Bonalive® putty.


Bonalive mastoid surgery

Long-term studies have shown that mastoid cavities with continuous infections and cleaning difficulties can be successfully obliterated with Bonalive® granules. The bacterial growth inhibiting feature and remodeling profile of the granules enables significant advantages, such as when performing cholesteatoma and mastoid obliteration surgery. In addition, the osteostimulative* property of Bonalive® granules supports new tissue formation in the mastoid cavity.