Our Smart Healing™ solutions can be used in both adult and pediatric patients, providing significant benefits to both patients and medical professionals.

The clinical use of Bonalive® bioactive glass in trauma surgery is supported by a long-term randomized prospective trial, including 11-year follow-up of patients with tibial plateau fractures. The results from the trial clearly prove that the long-term performance of Bonalive® bioactive glass is comparable to autograft.

By stimulating new bone formation through osteostimulation*, Bonalive® bioactive glass produces a high but balanced local bone turnover. The solid structure of Bonalive® bioactive glass provides a range of benefits, such as allowing the biomaterial to withstand impact to the bone defect. The bioactive glass effectively maintains its volume, and hence does not shrink or expand.

Bonalive® putty is intended for use in small and medium size defects. When conducting minimal invasive surgeries Bonalive® putty MIS is recommended, while for larger defects the product of choice is Bonalive® granules.


Medical education

For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions related to Bonalive® products, refer to the instructions for use on the product pages.

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