Bonalive advances the world’s transition to sustainable solutions for infection treatment and bone regeneration. We envision a world where bone infections can be treated without antibiotics – a smarter world, for a smarter life.

Bone infections are characterized by progressive infection resulting in the destruction of bone. Patients who undergo surgery for septic bone may be hospitalized for long periods of time and will often develop a resistance to antibiotics. Hence, a multidisciplinary approach is often required in terms of treatment, involving expertise in orthopedic surgery, infectious diseases and plastic surgery.

Chronic osteomyelitis treatment

Bonalive® granules has proven effective for bone cavity filling in chronic osteomyelitis treatment. In cases where the cavitary defect allows sufficient debridement of the necrotic tissue, the granules can be used in a one-stage procedure. Simultaneously with inhibiting bacterial growth, the granules heal dead space by stimulating bone formation. This enables cost-effective healing and reduces the length of hospital stays.


Medical education

For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions related to Bonalive® products, refer to the instructions for use on the product pages.

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