Bonalive Biomaterials appoints Heidi Rantala as new CEO

April 20, 202211:48

Mrs. Heidi Rantala has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Bonalive Biomaterials Oy, effective as of May 1, 2022. Mrs. Rantala’s long company background and vast experience are to ensure a solid foundation for growth.

After being interim CEO since December 2021, Bonalive’s Board of Directors decided unanimously to place their trust in Mrs. Heidi Rantala as the permanent CEO starting May 1, 2022. Mrs. Rantala has been with the company over 12 years in various roles, including Operations Director and member of the Management Team.

“From day one, Mrs. Rantala has shown a high ambition to build and provide structure to the company with her culture of discipline”, says Executive Chairman and Founder of Bonalive, Dr. Fredrik Ollila.

“I’m very proud to be part of our highly skilled team, enabling a world where infections are treated without antibiotics.”

“I’ve had the privilege to witness our transformation towards a growing business. I’m honored to be appointed CEO of Bonalive and look forward to continuing the journey with my colleagues and our partners around the world”, Mrs. Rantala comments.

“Mrs. Rantala presents a character of being self-motivated and driven with an eagerness to learn. These qualities will help us enter the next phase of growth and expansion”, says Dr. Ollila.

In addition, Bonalive is looking to strengthen its commercial division. “I look forward to welcoming a new Commercial Director to reinforce our development and implementation commercial strategies to accelerate growth”, says Mrs. Rantala.

“Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of greatest challenges facing healthcare today. I’m very proud to be part of our highly skilled team, enabling a world where infections are treated without antibiotics”,  Mrs. Rantala concludes.


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Bonalive Biomaterials Ltd is a leader in the development of novel antibiotic-free products for bone regeneration in orthopedic and ENT surgery. The company manufactures and sells implantable biomaterials based on S53P4 bioactive glass for bone regeneration. Areas of use include bone infection, diabetic foot osteomyelitis, benign bone tumors, mastoid surgery, and spine surgery. The clinical use of Bonalive® is supported by a 20-year history of research and more than 200 scientific papers.