Septic non-union whitepaper

May 20, 202111:28

The Bonalive case catalogue on septic non-unions, originally released in 2017 as collaboration with BG Duisburg, is now being shared as a whitepaper. Access the whitepaper with case descriptions, surgical technique and more.

The whitepaper contains educational advice on how to use S53P4 bioactive glass in septic non-union surgery. The updated 2020 version includes 13 septic non-union cases:

  • radius (case 1)
  • humerus (case 2)
  • proximal tibia (case 3)
  • diaphyseal tibia (case 4-6)
  • distal tibia (case 7-11)
  • distal tibia (Masquelet technique, case 12-13)

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