Bonalive® in mastoidal infections surgery

December 19, 201710:01

Bioactive Glass S53P4 and Tissue Adhesives in The Surgical Treatment of Chronic Middle Ear and Mastoidal Infections

Dr. Jussi Sarin, Turku University Hosital, Finland


A new doctoral thesis on BonAlive® bioactive glass S53P4 in chronic middle ear treatment and mastoidal infections surgery has been published.

According to the study, bioactive glass (BG S53P4) is a safe material for mastoid cavity obliteration (Dr. Jussi Sarin, Turku University Hosital, Finland). The bioactive glass produces a dry ear and may help to achieve a more normal appearance and function of the outer ear canal.

One aim of the study was also to test the hypothesis of BG S53P4 having inhibiting effects on cholesteatoma growth. Immortalized human HaCaT keratinocytes were used as in vitro models for the cholesteatoma.

Data showed that as BG S53P4 seems to inhibit the growth of keratinocyte cells and appears to trigger cell apoptosis with a direct cell BG granule contact. BG S53P4 could have potential to reduce the likelihood of ear cholesteatoma recurrence, without damaging normal skin.

Click here to read Doctoral Thesis of Sarin (2017)